Guidelines (Sc V. Rx)

At NW Fit Games we think that everyone should be able to compete! Here are some guidelines to help you choose RX verses Scaled.

To compete RX you should be able to do these things (or someone on your team):

  1. Muscle ups (however usually reserved for finals and teams can use assistance).
  2. Ring dips
  3. Handstand push ups
  4. Chest to bar pull ups
  5. Rope Climbs
  6. Double Unders
  7. Standard RX weights (ex. Guys 225# deadlifts for reps, 155# for ladies). Look at hero and girl WODs, you should be able to do most of those weights!
  8. 30″(guys)/24″(girls) box jumps
  9. Pistols
  10. Running (yes, we still do that in CrossFit).

If you can’t do something in the list above and are not on a team with someone that can then please choose scaled until you get there. Scaled weights are the standard 60-70% of Rx weights. Modifications are allowed if you have physical limitations, please discuss with us before the event!

Movement Standards:

  1. Full ROM on all movements (range of motion). This means full extension of knees, hips, elbows, etc. (any pivot point)
  2. Squats at hips below knees (aka below parallel for the tops of quads).
  3. Weights over center of mass for overhead movements.
  4. Kipping is generally allowed unless specifically prohibited. No bands in competition.
  5. Assistance is generally accepted for team WODs, how you can assist will be defined at each event.

Athlete Expectations:

  1. Be on time for athlete briefings and registration.
  2. Be respectful. If there is a dispute contact the head judge for an immediate resolution.
  3. Rep your box (if you attend one). This is part of the community and we love to see local boxes represented on your shirt!
  4. Be smart. If you are injured remove yourself from the competition or WOD to stay safe.
  5. Be clean, throw your trash in the trash cans and don’t park or go anywhere that is prohibited.
  6. Don’t drop unloaded bars, or ones with only 10’s or 15’s on them (they break). Don’t drop kettlebells, its a hazard to everyone around you and the equipment.
  7. Have fun, dress crazy, bring some friends!

Here is another tool, our “Scaled or Rx” Test… this is an attempt to make this decision factual, it might not apply perfectly to every person but is worth trying if you are having a hard time determining if you are scaled or Rx for one of our events.

Sc v rx


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