Capital City Throwdown 2019


The Essentials:
May 18, 2019
***8:00 AM to 5:30 PM*** (Tentative Schedule)

CrossFit West Salem
576 Patterson Street NW Suite H
Salem, OR 97304

Divisions (50 entries in each division):
o Male Rx
o Female Rx
o Male Scaled
o Female Scaled
o Male Masters (40+ years old)
o Female Masters (40+ years old)
o Male Novice (no finals)
o Female Novice (no finals)
o Male Pre-Teens (10-12 years old) (Parent/guardians must sign waiver and be ON SITE) (no finals)
o Female Pre-Teens (10-12 years old) (Parent/guardians must sign waiver and be ON SITE) (no finals)
o Male Teens (13-15 years old) (Parent/guardians must sign waiver and be ON SITE) (no finals)
o Female Teens (13-15 years old) (Parent/guardians must sign waiver and be ON SITE) (no finals)

You asked for a competition for INDIVIDUALS?!? Well, ask and ye shall receive! 😊

Northwest Fitness Games is proud to partner with the wonderful folks at CrossFit West Salem to bring our first individual-only event in over 5 years. In addition, we are excited to announce the addition of two new divisions to ALL NWFG competitions going forward. We are debuting our Pre-Teen and Teen divisions at the Capital City Throwdown! Get yourself signed up AND your kid for what promises to be an epic event. What do we have up our sleeve? Register to find out!!! ☺

The CAPITAL CITY THROWDOWN™ is open to all level of athletes over the age of 10. All athletes are encouraged to familiarize themselves with different fitness domains; more specifically to have some exposure to CrossFit-style workouts and powerlifting. The Rx division includes all powerlifting, bodyweight, and gymnastic movements. The Scaled division will include lighter weight and less advanced movements than Rx. The Novice division is for athletes who have been Crossfitting less than 6 months and/or athletes who are apprehensive about their first competition. The Masters division requires the competitor to be 40 years old or older during the 2019 calendar year. The Pre-Teen and Teen division have definitive age ranges listed above. All athletes will be required to sign a waiver. For the Pre-Teen and Teen divisions, a parent/guardian must sign the waiver and remain ON SITE during the competition.

o $100 per athlete until April 1st; $125 at midnight on April 2nd.
o PRE-TEEN/TEEN/NOVICE PRICE: $80 per athlete until April 1st; $100 after midnight on April 2nd.
o Fee includes
o 3-4 competition workouts + finals for top 3 teams in each division (except Novice/Pre-Teen/Teen)
*–Entry fee cannot be refunded, but it can be transferred to another individual up to 1 week before the event.

Cash Prizes (Rx only)
o First Place: $200*
o Second Place: $150*
o Third Place: $100*
• = Cash prizes for Rx division and contingent upon reaching 100 athlete threshold.

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Spectators—Important Information
o There is no admission cost to attend the CAPITAL CITY THROWDOWN™.
o The setup for this event will include both indoor and outdoor spectator venues. Please dress accordingly.
o There are expected to be multiple vendors in attendance. Bring your cash/credit-cards!
o Food and drinks will be available via local food trucks and beer vendors…Fantastic eats and drinks!

About: Project Fitness™
Fight or flight? It’s all about competition. Otherwise, it’d just be exercising…and where’s the fun in that? Project Fitness™ was founded with the belief that competition is at the root of any truly successful workout plan. On a month-by-month basis, Project Fitness™ offers the most fitness competitions of any organization in the Northwest. And our competitions provide the greatest experience of any fitness event in the region. Fight or flight? The best ALWAYS fight for their life.