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Survive the Burn 2012

Survive the Burn 2012

Does your box want to host an event, but the logistics of registration, judging, etc. intimidate you?  Project Fitness™ has a program to allow any box to host one of our events.  Based on experience, we know the toll it takes to run a growing business and organize all the details of a top notch event at the same time… it’s nearly impossible!  If you have an idea for an event in the the NW, contact us and we will collaborate with you to work out the details.

The income for hosting an event will differ depending on the circumstances and size of the event.  However, a lump sum payment will be issued after the event in accordance with the host agreement for that event.

Why host an event?– Hosting an event is simply great for your business.  It will get a lot of local people into your space and, as we all know, traffic is great for any business.  In addition, you can sell concessions and merchandise to create even more revenue.

Here are the typical roles and responsibilities for a hosted event… we pretty much take care of everything!

Project Fitness™ covers:

  1. Registration and fee collection
  2. Shirts
  3. Awards
  4. Media and advertising
  5. WOD creation, judge training, music, and scoring
  6. Logistics
  7. Equipment

Host covers:

  1. Venue
  2. Provide volunteers and judges
  3. Provide input into the Project Fitness items

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