Hercules Weightlifting Meet 2014



The Essentials:
December 13, 2014
***8:00 AM to 4:30 PM*** (Tentative Schedule)

Crossfit Salem
3589 Suite 100 Fairview Industrial Dr.
Salem, OR 97302

Divisions (20 entries in each division):

56 kg ≤ 56.00kg                         123.2 pounds
62 kg 56.01kg – 62.00kg             123.22 pounds-136.4 pounds
69 kg 62.01kg – 69.00kg             136.422 pounds-151.8 pounds
77 kg 69.01kg – 77.00kg             151.822 pounds-169.4 pounds
85 kg 77.01kg – 85.00kg             169.422 pounds-187 pounds
94 kg 85.01kg – 94.00kg             187.002 pounds-206.8 pounds
105 kg 94.01kg – 105.00kg           206.822 pounds-231 pounds
+105 kg ≥ 105.01kg                                231.002 pounds


48 kg ≤ 48.00kg                         105.6 pounds
53 kg 48.01kg – 53.00kg             105.622 pounds-116.6 pounds
58 kg 53.01kg – 58.00kg             116..622 pounds-127.6 pounds
63 kg 58.01kg – 63.00kg             127.622 pounds-138.6 pounds
69 kg 63.01kg – 69.00kg             138.622 pounds-151.8 pounds
75 kg 69.01kg – 75.00kg             151.822 pounds-165 pounds
+75 kg ≥ 75.01kg                         165.022 pounds

The HERCULES WEIGHTLIFTING MEETTM is open to all level of athletes over the age of 18.  All athletes are encouraged to familiarize themselves with different fitness domains; more specifically to have exposure to all Olympic and Power-lifting movements.  Divisions will be based on weight-classes rather than the traditional Rx/Scaled divisions.  Weight classes are listed and will be measured the morning of the event.  All athletes will be required to sign a waiver.

This event is for anyone that enjoys lifting and short/heavy workouts.  There will be no long met-cons or endurance workouts.  Be prepared for one rep max lifting in the Olympic lifts and possibly more.  Elements will be present from traditional Strongman movements as well as other strength domains.  Our goal with this event is to celebrate STRENGTH and POWER relative to your body weight…one of the most important aspects of physical conditioning that is difficult to test at typical fitness events.  Anyone of any strength level is able to participate.  Lift big; we’ll see you in December!!!


  • $80 per person*
  • Fee includes
    • 4 competition workouts/lifts + finals for top individuals

*–Entry fee cannot be refunded, but it can be transferred to another individual up to 1 week before the event.


  • Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in each division.

Spectators—Important Information

  • There is no admission cost to attend the HERCULES WEIGHTLIFTING MEETTM.
  • Parking for the HERCULES WEIGHTLIFTING MEETTM must be in the parking lot directly behind Crossfit Salem.  Although there is additional parking available, it is unlikely that spots will be available after the start of competition.
  • The setup for this event will include both indoor and outdoor spectator venues.  Please dress accordingly.
  • There are expected to be vendors in attendance.  Bring your cash/credit-cards!
  • Food and drinks will be available via Gilgamesh Brewing Company.

Map & Directions

From I-5:

  • Take the Mission St. exit (aka Hwy 22, 99, Santiam Hwy)
  • Head West toward Downtown Salem.
  • Left on 25th (traffic light)
  • Right on Madrona
  • Left on Fairview Industrial (traffic light), first driveway on the right
  • Crossfit Salem (CFS) is to your left, can’t miss it!

About: Project FitnessTM
Fight or flight?  It’s all about competition.  Otherwise, it’d just be exercising…and where’s the fun in that?  Project FitnessTM was founded with the belief that competition is at the root of any truly successful workout plan.  On a month-by-month basis, Project FitnessTM offers the most fitness competitions of any organization in the Northwest.  And our competitions provide the greatest experience of any fitness event in the region.  Fight or flight?  The best ALWAYS fight for their life.

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