TrackTown SmackDown 2023

*** Event Cancelled ***

The Essentials:
Saturday April 15th, 2023 ***7:00 AM to 5:30 PM*** (Tentative Schedule)

Location: Eugene, OR – TBD

o Male/Male/Male Advanced (Rx) Team
o Female/Female/Female Advanced (Rx) Team
o Male/Male/Male Intermediate (Scaled) Team
o Female/Female/Female Intermediate (Scaled) Team
o Male/Male/Male Novice Team – no finals
o Female/Female/Female Novice Team – no finals
o Male/Male/Male Teen (ages 13-15) Team – no finals
o Female/Female/Female (ages 13-15) Teen Team – no finals
o Male/Male/Male Youth (ages 10-12) Team – no finals
o Female/Female/Female Youth (ages 10-12) Team – no finals
o Male/Male/Male Masters Team **
o Female/Female/Female Masters Team **
o Male/Male/Male Super Masters Team ***
o Female/Female/Female Super Masters Team ***
** Cumulative age of 3 members must be 120 years or more; no athlete on team can be younger than 35 years old
*** Cumulative age of 3 members must be 150 years or more; no athlete on team can be younger than 45 years old

Fifth annual Track Town Smack Down is open to all level of athletes over the age of 12. Here are some guidelines for registering for a division, please read.

Rx: This division includes all powerlifting, bodyweight, and gymnastic movements. You do not have to be amazing at these movements, if you can do them then you are an RX athlete and should register for this division. For example, Rx teams should have at least one person that can do muscle ups, handstand push ups, and all the other standard CrossFit movements.

Scaled: If you have stood on a podium as a scaled athlete in another NWFG competition then you should probably register for Rx now, that is a clear sign. This division is for athletes that frequently scale work outs. Do not choose scaled for the following reasons, we will call you out for this:

  • Its your first competition. If you go Rx in the box… do it for us also.
  • A couple other scaled athletes need a teammate. Don’t do it, help them find a real scaled person.
  • You want to be on a podium. This is a huge disservice to the real scaled athletes and makes them think they are not good enough for this division.
  • You can’t do a strict L-sit muscle up yet. You will see the WODs ahead of time and KNOW if you can do the movements in the competition.

Its super important to protect the integrity of the scaled division, please help us do that.  You will need someone on the team that can do pull ups… they are in scaled.

Novice: This division is for athletes new to functional fitness and athletes with a long way to go in their fitness journey. You will be able to modify any movement to find something that will work. There is no finals for Novice, this is for people that want to experience the “fun” of competition but are not even at the scaled level yet. Adaptive athlete should register for this division, please contact us if you have questions.

Masters: This division is a hybrid of Rx and scaled weights and movements. You may have the choice between Rx movements or less technical movements at higher volume (For example: 3 muscle ups OR 9 CTB Pull Ups)

All athletes will be required to sign a waiver. There will be no refunds for enforcing the current covid mandates whatever they may be at the time of the event. If we have to cancel the event you will have the option to get a full refund or credit to a future event.

o $110 per athlete* (increases to $125/athlete on March 2nd).
o Fee includes
– 3 or 4 competition workouts + finals for top teams
– Track Town Smack Down attire (t-shirt for men/tank for ladies)
o Entry fee cannot be refunded, but it can be transferred to another individual or receive credit up to 2 weeks before the event. Due to the costs incurred, if you request a credit closer than two weeks before the event, you will receive a credit for 90% of the amount you paid. This helps us to offset some of the costs for things that were already paid for, like shirts! 🙂

Cash for winners:
o First Place: $300 + Trophy
o Second Place: $200 + Trophy
o Third Place: $100 + Trophy
o Cash prizes contingent upon 300 athlete participation and ONLY FOR Rx TEAMS.
o Scaled/Masters teams receive a trophy and swag!!!

Price is per team. One person registers! Let us know the names and shirt sizes of the other two people on the registration form! Shirts are men’s and ladies style, not unisex.

Other Information:

o There is no admission cost for spectators.
o Parking for Track Town Smack Down is free.
o The setup for this event will be 100% indoors, but plan to bring lawn chairs for the athlete camp.
o There are expected to be vendors in attendance.  Bring your cash/credit-cards!